How It Works


Pull a Ticket or Scan your barcode and the gate will open.


For Self Park, drive through and park, leaving your lights on so that drivers can easily spot you.
For Valet, pull forward to valet. Valet will greet you and help with your bags.


The shuttle driver will assist you with your luggage. You’ll be given a ticket with your stall number and our number for when you return.


Pay upon exiting / remember to preset your digital rewards card.

Ready for a Pickup? Text Us!

After you have retrieved your luggage, text or call the number below with your Parking Space or Valet # and your Last Name. Then, from baggage claim, proceed into the skybridge, walk beyond the passenger pick-up area and into the rental car garage. Once in the garage, go down the escalators, make a right, and continue to the off-site shuttle pick up area.

Child with Plane

Redwood Rd